Web design and IT Systems

The internet is here, and it is here to stay. In the western world, the internet is now a commodity that is just as essential as telephones and TV services. It is perhaps even taking those over as well. The internet has revolutionised so many aspects of our day to day lives. Many of the things that we do today are barely recognisable from those we did a decade or so ago.

boom your business with a website

One aspect of life that the internet has changed is the way that businesses advertise and attract new customers. The most successful businesses use the internet effectively. Of course, to take advantage of the internet, a business will first need a website. A professional website can be costly to create though. But one web-developer is helping ladies in one particular profession. To market their services with a professional looking website.

Offering a Helping Hand.

With the high costs of creating and maintaining a website, London Escorts will often need to settle for less professional sites. Even have none at all. Even with a website, there is also the matter of making sure that the website is found through searches on the internet. Web-development Company Bell Comp Web Sys, however, have stepped in to help out.

“Producing a website suitable for a London Escort’s needs is easy for us”, said managing director Gary. “We do have times when there is not a lot to do so we thought, ‘why not’?”, he added. “We can strike a deal with the escorts. That means that we still get paid once our websites help to improve business for them”, he finished.

Business is Booming.

One London escort PalaceVIP who accepted an offer from the company has commented it. She said how delighted she has been with the upturn in business since a website was created just for her. Michelle, who has been an escort for 6 years, told us “It used to be a struggle to make ends meet before I met Gary and his team. Now I’m having to turn some business away because I’m overbooked”, she said. “I’m ever so grateful, and I’m happy to pay them back financially now that business is booming for me”, she added.

Michelle has also embraced the opportunity to learn something new. The process of having a site designed along with the required marketing has been quite educational. “They are also teaching me how to update the website myself so I can add new photos and change prices etc.”, she said. “With all the things that I am learning, I might even be able to build websites myself in the not too distant future”, she added.

A Fruitful Partnership.

So far, results have been very impressive and it looks set to be an initiative that will benefit both sides considerably. There has even been a suggestion that an escort like Michelle could join the web development team. Her escorting career will be over. Such a team member, with the right web-development knowledge, could head up a department that deals specifically with London escorts and people in similar industries.